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  1. 2013.06.02 Vietnamese: How to remember words effectively? (4)

For a full year, I decided to focus just on the words of Vietnamese. I'm not just a tourist, but a serious language learner and I felt that I need a very firm and confident base of words. My guess is that I need to memorize at least 3000 words with confidence, and this year (2013) must be the year that I should jump over that kind of hurdle.

To achieve the goal I use 'AnkiDroid', a word-flashcard app for Android.

Recently I found that I need to use it 'wise' enough to get the maximum efficiency. So I pondered upon it and I got into this scheme. Get at least 2 different sets of words, each containing 1500 ~ 2500 words. With some script programming, I extracted those words found in both sets - these might be the very core of the language. (This intersection set has 442 words.) A second word set is the collection of all the words found in both set of word-lists. (The union set contains 3680 words.)

Everyday I try to learn 20 new words from both of the sets, and review 50 old words that had been studied before. By doing this, I think I can eventually get a firm grasp of the Vietnamese words.

What is my current status? I think I stuffed at least 500 words in my brain, firmly enough, and I have been exposed and accustomed to at least 1500 words, during the last 5 months. So I think I can push all those 3600 words into my brain, by the end of the year.

What would be the next step? Memorizing words is just one thing. I will turn myself to listening and learning the 'spoken language' next year, to get more practical level of Vietnamese. Perhaps by using the Pimsleur's method and some other material. Next year will be much easier, because I would have all those basic words engraved in my brain.

Compare to those who claim to learn a foreign language in 3 months, I'm a slow learner. :-)


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  1. CY 2013.07.19 01:01 신고 Address Modify/Delete Reply

    I have just found your blog today. I am also learning Vietnamese. I agree with your thought that vocabulary is very important and it is your goal to memorize many words this year.

    What I think is or what I am worrying about is that (I used the word "worry" because I am also learning Vietnamese") when we learn word by word the memory doesn't go long enough. If I express it more precisely, when we try to put words into our brains individually, the words go into some place in our brain, but the problem occurs when we try to fetch them back. Or some times we don't recognize what words we have heard, when it comes to listening comprehension matters.

    So my opinion is we have to learn the words through listening and reading the same texts we listen to. By doing that we can also save the clues or hints with which we can find out where to fetch the meaning of the words we heard.

    Of course I remember you wrote that you will listen to the material also. So my concern is only about your flash cards project. Good luck anyway and I hope we can share our thought each other.

    • Favicon of http://multilingual.tistory.com BlogIcon multilingual 2013.07.20 13:59 신고 Address Modify/Delete

      Yes. You are quite right. I know that learning words in combination with the context is better method. I'll do that anyway at some point of my journey. Thank you very much for the advise.

  2. Minh-Hao Pham 2013.09.05 00:49 신고 Address Modify/Delete Reply

    I suggest you to try Rosetta Stone to learn Vietnamese, you can find it on their website, or download it on many stream sites. Easy to use with many new words, pictures and voices to follow.