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  1. 2012.04.06 11th Week: Vietnamese, still on track.

More than a month ago, I bought a Vietnamese conversation book with 45 dialogs with a bunch of related words. ( http://www.bandinlunis.com/front/product/detailProduct.do?prodId=2152018, ISBN: 9788974640835 )

All the dialogs are available in MP3 with two different voices (male and female voices, northern/southern styles). The book is quite good for training my ears. That kind of comparative voices facilitates me to identify the sound range of each letter.

I made it a rule to master(or adapt my ears to) each chapter a day, on the train to my office and back   home. Each chapter has around 10 ~ 15 sentences. I can hear and repeat them myself about 20 ~ 30 times a day. Today I am at 22nd chapter, so far so good. After one more month, I think I can finish my first round with the book. My plan is to going through the book three times until the end of July - before my first step on Hanoi, Vietnam.

I'm very comfortable with the pronuciations in that specific book, due to the clear and controlled speaking. Alas... however, I thought that I was ready to go to some higher level and tried to download some real vietnamese broadcats from the Internet. All my despair, I couldn't even distinguish each letter apart. Real Vietnamese people speak way faster than I can keep up with. My vocabulary is still too short to catch even the vague idea what the voices were speaking.

I need to push myself even more, so that I memorize more words, adapt my ears with the faster speech.


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