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  1. 2013.04.23 Vietnamese: Status update

On my commute train to my work, I regularily try to learn Vietnamese words. Recently I'm learning new 20 words, and repeating 60 words each morning. Now I'm almost at the end of the my first list of 2000+ vietnamese words. I'm not very serious at memorizing... and I just pass time with those vietnamese words. On my facebook timeline, there're many Vietnamese friends who are writing in Vietnamese and I can hardly understand them... but I'm sure that I'm certainly progressing, in that I recognize more and more words out of those facebook messages.

I wouldn't stop learning, untill I feel those Viet words very familiar to me. I guess, I need more than several months in doing so. Sufficiently long period of time...

Anyway here's how it looks like my AnkiDroid statistics... Not very impressive, but certainly progressing anyway!



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