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  1. 2008.01.01 Blogging with Blackjack (Samsung Anycall M620) (2)
Recently I've acquired a new cellphone, a famous Black Jack (Samsung Anycall M620), and I readily started to love this gadget, especially the cute little 'QWERTY' keyboard. My previous PDA's were all suck with those stylus pens. I'm commuting my company of 1 hour away from my house, on metro trains. So I spend 2 hours a day in mobile mode.

Being a mobile user, I have always dreamed of an easy input method. PDA with stylus pen simply sucks on that account. You'll never write anything standing on a trembling train with stylus pens. Unlinke stylus pen, the cute little QWERTY keyboard was amasing. At last, I became a true mobile writer. I am now able to write a few paragraphs of memos about anything that come up with my brain on metro trains. That's pretty good.

My next trial with this gadget was navigation through the internet. But it's not that simple because the web browser in this little machine was quite bad. Most of my pages were broken. I've tried anyway to post an article in this blog. Following part is what I've written with my little Black Jack.

This is my second trial of posting with my new gadget,Blackjack.I would love it,if I succeed it, this

Alas however, I was not successful, because the 'Save' button of this blog doesn't work with the mobile web browser. Without stylus pen, nor touch pad, I cannot 'click' the Save button. Maybe I have to give up posting articles with this gadget. Above sentences were 'saved automatically' by the blogging software itself. (So very basic Java script was working...)


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  1. Favicon of http://www.alex-woo.com BlogIcon Kevin 2008.01.07 23:34 신고 Address Modify/Delete Reply

    Current versions of Internet Explorer or Opera bundled with Blackjack have much limitation. I am actually amazed that you were able to type so much texts from Blackjack. Although I am a Blackjack user (connected to my corporate Microsoft Exchange server), I rarely type 5-6 lines of texts (on e-mail) using the device.

    • Favicon of https://multilingual.tistory.com BlogIcon nomota multilingual 2008.01.08 01:56 신고 Address Modify/Delete

      Humm... I'm planning to write my own novel on metro trains, commuting my comany every day. :-)

      As you can see, blogging with Black Jack isn't possible, simply because the poor rendering capability of the bundled web browsers - Explorer and Opera.

      Quite recently some Korean companies announces that they've succeeded developing 'Full Browsers' for PDAs. But still way long before it's available to me.