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  1. 2013.03.13 Learning Portuguese in short time

This May, I have a short trip to Sao Paulo, Brazil to visit my brother. Mother and a nephew will be along with me. Several years ago, I was considering Portuguese included in my language list, but I didn't have enough interest back then. And ... you know, the exotic sound of Brazilian Portuguese blow me away from learning.

OK, now that I have a certain schedule to step on Brazilian soil, I think it's worth giving a trial.

Just 1 and a half month before the trip, and I need to keep a very focused learning as effective as possible... I digged down some material out of the internet and I found a set of Pimsluer's series for Brazilian Portuguese. A audio-only course... can it be effective?

I think so. Anyway I will try as much as possible to reach the 90'th MP3 before my travel.

How about Vietnamese? Well... I think I need to slow my Vietnamese vocabulary project a little, but not stop as a whole, just slowing it down...

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