It's not very easy to keep myself at language learning throughout the year. Thanks to AnkiDroid, however, I could manage to keep my language sensitivity and memory fresh enough, or even expand it. Here's my recent record of AnkiDroid activity.

I am managing 7 different decks in my Smartphone AnkiDroid. Here are they:

1. viet4 - Vietnamese word list with 2034 words, that was collected from at least two online sources.

    I have still 964 words yet to be learned for the first time. Other 1100 words were learned at least once. My memory level among thos 2034 words are about half-half learned, according to the dark gray gauge.

2.viet3 - Vietnamese word list, 759 words, found at least 3 times from different online sources.

    These must be the 'core' words of Vietnamese, and I think I'm already memorizing roughly 85% of them, according to the dark gray gauge.

3.esp1 - 2404 Esperanto words. This must be a comprehensive one, and it compares at least 40,000 words of English, because of the productivity of Esperanto word play.

    I'm memorizing at least 75 % of those 2400 words as the dark gray gauge shows. Still 277 words were yet to be learned for the first time. If I firmly memorizing those 2400 words, then I'll be a Spelling Bee champion within Esperanto community, because the extended set of Academy anounced word list is about 2400 words.

4.chin1 - 6238 Chinese words, from the very basic letters.

    My Chinese must be repaired from the basic words, for fear that my time spent for learning Chinese would not wasted in vanity.

5.jap1 - A comprehensive list (10,834) of Japanese sentences. Not words, but sentences. So I meet two or more new words from a single entry. Learning words and sentences at the same time. Good.

    My memory status for this list is still very shallow. I guess, it would take at least three years to cover the substantial part of this list.

6.chin2 - A word list of 1500 basic Chinese expressions, with sound. Owing to its sound, and in combination with 4.chin1 I can secure my Chinese learning. Started yesterday, quite young deck for me.

 7.viet5 - 2062 Vietnamese words with pronunciation. I have already two other Vietnamese list (1.viet4, 2.viet3), and yet I need another one, owing to the sound difficultiy in Vietnamese.

   This list is also very young, just started yesterday.

I think, when I master these list with sufficient fluency, I think I can manage to speak and write more fluently.

It takes almost 1 hour to review  them all, everyday. On a commuting train to and from work, nothing can be done, but to memorize with these decks. That's huge amount of investment. Wow. "What if I can do something else ..." isn't good question here.

--Nomota, 2014-10-01.

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For a full year, I decided to focus just on the words of Vietnamese. I'm not just a tourist, but a serious language learner and I felt that I need a very firm and confident base of words. My guess is that I need to memorize at least 3000 words with confidence, and this year (2013) must be the year that I should jump over that kind of hurdle.

To achieve the goal I use 'AnkiDroid', a word-flashcard app for Android.

Recently I found that I need to use it 'wise' enough to get the maximum efficiency. So I pondered upon it and I got into this scheme. Get at least 2 different sets of words, each containing 1500 ~ 2500 words. With some script programming, I extracted those words found in both sets - these might be the very core of the language. (This intersection set has 442 words.) A second word set is the collection of all the words found in both set of word-lists. (The union set contains 3680 words.)

Everyday I try to learn 20 new words from both of the sets, and review 50 old words that had been studied before. By doing this, I think I can eventually get a firm grasp of the Vietnamese words.

What is my current status? I think I stuffed at least 500 words in my brain, firmly enough, and I have been exposed and accustomed to at least 1500 words, during the last 5 months. So I think I can push all those 3600 words into my brain, by the end of the year.

What would be the next step? Memorizing words is just one thing. I will turn myself to listening and learning the 'spoken language' next year, to get more practical level of Vietnamese. Perhaps by using the Pimsleur's method and some other material. Next year will be much easier, because I would have all those basic words engraved in my brain.

Compare to those who claim to learn a foreign language in 3 months, I'm a slow learner. :-)


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  1. CY 2013.07.19 01:01 신고 Address Modify/Delete Reply

    I have just found your blog today. I am also learning Vietnamese. I agree with your thought that vocabulary is very important and it is your goal to memorize many words this year.

    What I think is or what I am worrying about is that (I used the word "worry" because I am also learning Vietnamese") when we learn word by word the memory doesn't go long enough. If I express it more precisely, when we try to put words into our brains individually, the words go into some place in our brain, but the problem occurs when we try to fetch them back. Or some times we don't recognize what words we have heard, when it comes to listening comprehension matters.

    So my opinion is we have to learn the words through listening and reading the same texts we listen to. By doing that we can also save the clues or hints with which we can find out where to fetch the meaning of the words we heard.

    Of course I remember you wrote that you will listen to the material also. So my concern is only about your flash cards project. Good luck anyway and I hope we can share our thought each other.

    • Favicon of BlogIcon multilingual 2013.07.20 13:59 신고 Address Modify/Delete

      Yes. You are quite right. I know that learning words in combination with the context is better method. I'll do that anyway at some point of my journey. Thank you very much for the advise.

  2. Minh-Hao Pham 2013.09.05 00:49 신고 Address Modify/Delete Reply

    I suggest you to try Rosetta Stone to learn Vietnamese, you can find it on their website, or download it on many stream sites. Easy to use with many new words, pictures and voices to follow.

On my commute train to my work, I regularily try to learn Vietnamese words. Recently I'm learning new 20 words, and repeating 60 words each morning. Now I'm almost at the end of the my first list of 2000+ vietnamese words. I'm not very serious at memorizing... and I just pass time with those vietnamese words. On my facebook timeline, there're many Vietnamese friends who are writing in Vietnamese and I can hardly understand them... but I'm sure that I'm certainly progressing, in that I recognize more and more words out of those facebook messages.

I wouldn't stop learning, untill I feel those Viet words very familiar to me. I guess, I need more than several months in doing so. Sufficiently long period of time...

Anyway here's how it looks like my AnkiDroid statistics... Not very impressive, but certainly progressing anyway!



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This is my first recording of my trial to memorize large number of Vietnamese words - about 2000 words. My smartphone and Anki-droid serve well for that matter.

The first graph shows how many words are in my memory. Each line shows the number of words queued and scheduled for my recall memory. First two tall lines represents those words, which are not firmly engraved in my brain. The darkgreen words are those engraved deep enough. If I practice everyday, it's certain that more words will go into dark green area. According to this graph, I can say that I have about 100 words firmly memorized and 400~500 words are in good memory. 100 ~ 200 words are relatively hard to memorize.

Following is a graph which shows daily activity. Blue means new words, green words are those recalled according to the schdule. The red ones are those, which are very hard to memorize. Each day, I have to review about 200 or more words, and it took about 1 hour everyday.

"Record your progress" - that's one of the key success factor to a language learning.



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  1. Minh-Hai Pham 2013.02.20 22:13 신고 Address Modify/Delete Reply

    Hi! Not hearing from you for soooo long! Not receiving any mail from you too! How are you these day?

    • Favicon of BlogIcon nomota multilingual 2013.03.11 14:40 신고 Address Modify/Delete

      After several months of 'pause' on my Vietnamese, I'm recently starting a new Vietnamese project again - memorizing 2,000 words - to capture the real world issues in Vietnamese.

      You see my first project in Vietnamese was something like 'Failure', in that, I couldn't communicate even to the minimum level in Hanoi, in spite of all that 7 months of diligent study with textbook. My diagnosis to my failure was the 'short vocabulary'.

      To keep dialog, or to read some material, one need to grasp the basic words upto 2000 words/expressions... That's my guess.

      Even those 2000 words would be the bare minimum... you know.

      So I just started my new project 'intensive vocabulary lengthening project', using specialized tool for learning words - "Flash Cards!"

      The best of those tools I've tried was "Ankidroid".

      Anyway... my Vietnamese vocabulary... is slowly growing, and everyweek, when I open a random page of a vietnamese book, and I feel the progress - I understand more and more every week.

      Still far to be sufficient enough. I guess, after several more months of intensive vocabulary lengthening project, I'll be far more ready to communicate with Viet people.