Project Proposal: Can we clean up the entire internet of 'wrong Rust' codes at once?

A few days ago, Rust-lang announced the first 1.0 stability promise, after years of radically fast changes. So I think a lot of people will pay attention to it, because Rust language promises a whole new level of programming experience.

I'm one of those who were attracted by that promises and fancy features.

Alas, however even though Rust-lang has reached it's 1.0 stability, the accumulated garbage written in older style of syntax still remain in the entire internet, and leads new comers into trouble. They just don't compile.

People including me learns programming by 'searching', not by official manual. So the existing, old-style of codes scattered in the Internet keeps beginners scared away because they just don't compile.

There must be a certain and urgent remedy for this, if Rust community wants to grow fast enough. 

Here's my campaign idea: 
"Clean Rust Off" campaign. -- contact all blog writers and stackexchange writers and send an request to update their codes compatible with Rust-1.0.

I think we need to do it intensely in short period of time, say 2~3 months, because so many newcomers are banned out by old wrong blog posts.

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