I have studied Vietnamese for three years so far, but I cannot express myself, mainly because I haven't exercise much about phrasal expression. For the year 2014, I was trying to maximizing vocabulary capacity. So I think I'm ready to extend my ability to some other aspect of the language.

My next goal is to achieve the ability of expressing phrasal sequence of words.

For this purpose, I need a lot of practice and that's where Duolingo is best fit.

Quite interesting and charming. Duolingo doesn't teach Vietnamese, yet. But I can still learn Vietnamese, using a different interface - learning English thorough Vietnamese. Interesting aspect of Duolingo is that the series of the questions deal with the bidirectional skills. So I am just 'learning English through Vietnamese' and I'm already good at English, and that makes me just learn Vietnamese.


I just wonder what will come next.

Is it sufficient for me to learn very complex sentence structure of the Vietnamese using this simple trick? I don't know yet, but I think it is possible, as much as I see so far. 

Posted by nomota multilingual

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