It's not very easy to keep myself at language learning throughout the year. Thanks to AnkiDroid, however, I could manage to keep my language sensitivity and memory fresh enough, or even expand it. Here's my recent record of AnkiDroid activity.

I am managing 7 different decks in my Smartphone AnkiDroid. Here are they:

1. viet4 - Vietnamese word list with 2034 words, that was collected from at least two online sources.

    I have still 964 words yet to be learned for the first time. Other 1100 words were learned at least once. My memory level among thos 2034 words are about half-half learned, according to the dark gray gauge.

2.viet3 - Vietnamese word list, 759 words, found at least 3 times from different online sources.

    These must be the 'core' words of Vietnamese, and I think I'm already memorizing roughly 85% of them, according to the dark gray gauge.

3.esp1 - 2404 Esperanto words. This must be a comprehensive one, and it compares at least 40,000 words of English, because of the productivity of Esperanto word play.

    I'm memorizing at least 75 % of those 2400 words as the dark gray gauge shows. Still 277 words were yet to be learned for the first time. If I firmly memorizing those 2400 words, then I'll be a Spelling Bee champion within Esperanto community, because the extended set of Academy anounced word list is about 2400 words.

4.chin1 - 6238 Chinese words, from the very basic letters.

    My Chinese must be repaired from the basic words, for fear that my time spent for learning Chinese would not wasted in vanity.

5.jap1 - A comprehensive list (10,834) of Japanese sentences. Not words, but sentences. So I meet two or more new words from a single entry. Learning words and sentences at the same time. Good.

    My memory status for this list is still very shallow. I guess, it would take at least three years to cover the substantial part of this list.

6.chin2 - A word list of 1500 basic Chinese expressions, with sound. Owing to its sound, and in combination with 4.chin1 I can secure my Chinese learning. Started yesterday, quite young deck for me.

 7.viet5 - 2062 Vietnamese words with pronunciation. I have already two other Vietnamese list (1.viet4, 2.viet3), and yet I need another one, owing to the sound difficultiy in Vietnamese.

   This list is also very young, just started yesterday.

I think, when I master these list with sufficient fluency, I think I can manage to speak and write more fluently.

It takes almost 1 hour to review  them all, everyday. On a commuting train to and from work, nothing can be done, but to memorize with these decks. That's huge amount of investment. Wow. "What if I can do something else ..." isn't good question here.

--Nomota, 2014-10-01.

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