I have very little exposure to Japanese and I forgot so much Japanese words. Although Japenese is shockingly similar to Korean (my mother tongue), I can barely speak it - words faded away constantly over the last 20 years.

I have two Asian languages of substantial investment in my 20's at the university - Mandarine Chinese and Japanese. Recent years, I am investing my time to learning Vietnamese. My eternal choice of language is Esperanto. So I have 6 languages around me - seemingly too much.

  - Esperanto is very easy, so it's not very troublesome.
  - I am surrounded by English Internet and Youtube, so I don't need to worry about that, either.

But my Asian languages are different. Although I'm in Seoul, I have very little exposure to those languages. So I need an effective means to keep my Asian languages from fading away. What would be the best way to reverse the memory slippery of multiple languages simultaneously?

A few days ago, an idea hit my head, aha, why not use AnkiDroid for multiple languages at the same time? With AnkiDroid, I could download some sets of words or phrases from the shared resources. All I had to do is to find the right one for my own purpose - keeping words of mid level (2~3000 words or so). Not very easy to find the right deck for my own use, but with some persistent clicks and search, I could find suitable decks for Japanese and Chinese.

For Vietnamese, no such list was found, and I had to make my own list of words by collecting and sorting all the Vetnamese word lists freely available on the Internet. Total number of words were 7000+. Out of those 7000 Vietnamese words, about 2000+ words were occuring twice or more in multiple lists, and 700+ words were repeated more than three times. So I could generate two sets of words, say, 'core-700.txt' and 'basic-2000.txt'. Those core/basic words are indispensable, if I truely want to learn Vietnamese. So learning those core/basic (700+/2000+) Viet words would be my next goal.

So ... here are my decks of word lists

 - chin1 - 6000+ Chinese words (with English answers), mid level.
 - jap1 - 10,000+ Japanese sentences (with English answers), mid level.
 - esp1 - 24,00+ Esperanto words (with English/Korean answers), mid level.
 - viet3 - 700+ Vietnamese words (with Korean/English answers), core level.
 - viet4 - 2000+ Vietnamese words (with Korean/English answers), basic level.

Each day, I learn 10 new words, and 30 old ones. AnkiDroid gives me perfect candidates that are at risk of memory slippery, so that I can keep them in memory with very little effort.

My everyday ritual is to master daily assignment of words (200 in total), exposure to all my 6 languages - on my way to work and back home. About 20~30 minutes everyday. I hope I can catch up with the 20 years of memory slippery.



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