I found it exceptionally effective to learn a spoken language by the famous Pimsleur's method. Pimsleur's method is exceptional that it's driven entirely by spoken language, with no text involved.

What a good method! I just feel the firm and steady progress...

I've found 30 files (pirate copy) of Pimsleur's Vietnamese, and I think it would take me about two months or so...

At the moment, I'm around 9'th lesson and "Yes/No questions with co ~ khong" is quite difficult for me to utter instantly. Practice, practice...


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  1. Favicon of http://LangReviews.com BlogIcon Bao Kieu 2014.06.01 18:33 신고 Address Modify/Delete Reply

    Agree with the part that Pimsleur is effective.

    I am a native Vietnam speaker. I have had a look at the content of Pimsleur Vietnamese. The language used is good, common and appropriate.

    How are you progressing now? I think you did finish it, right?

    • Favicon of https://multilingual.tistory.com BlogIcon nomota multilingual 2014.06.01 20:54 신고 Address Modify/Delete

      It was good, for the very beginning part. I've finished it, and right after that I had a short visit to Da Nang. Sigh! It doesn't much help. Vietnamese is way more difficult, than I had thought.
      I'm still learning Vietnamese with AnkiDroid (flash card word memorization app), my goal of this year is to memorize 2000+ basic words, firmly engraved in my brain. I think I can do it.

    • Favicon of https://multilingual.tistory.com BlogIcon nomota multilingual 2014.06.01 20:59 신고 Address Modify/Delete

      Pronunciation in Vietnamese is very difficult. I feel like similar difficulty was found when I overcame English.
      Only English and Vietnamese are in similar level of difficulty in pronuncation and sound. Mandarin Chinese has tones, but to my ears Mandarin Chinese sounds like crystal clear, although my understanding level of Chinese isn't very high.