What happens at 'kapook.com'?

I was just trying to find the most 'alien' page to (Korean-/English-speaking) people. This is my criteria of selection - it must be alien enough to make (Korean-/English-speaking) people and it must be beautiful and live so that the visitors should feel that there are interesting parts of the world completely unknown/ignored to the Korean/English reader.

One of them was a Hebrew blog and and the other was a Thai blog site.

My choice of Thai blog site (http://blog.kapook.com/) was simply a random one. But it was not so easy to find truely/lively Thai one because I do not speak Thai at all. After a few minutes of googling I just selected the 'kapook.com', as a simple example of 'alien pages'.

What happens next? ... Some interesting traffic is generated over my blog... seemingly some people are looking for the site 'kapook.com' by search engines on 'naver.com' and 'daum.net'. They just typed in 'kapook' and clicked my blog pages. Oh, interesting... I think, those people who had been to my blog simple went away because my blog isn't what they were looking for... a Thai language community site.

My guess is that 'kapook.com' is one of the largest community site in Thai language. After several clicks, you'll also feel the energy of the site. Thai language is, however, completely unknown to me.

Perhaps those are in-migrant people to Korea from Thailand, who are desparately seeking for nostalgea. As a linguist, I'm very interested in those people who are seeking for 'kapook.com'.

Does anyone of you speak English? Please let me know why are you looking for 'kapook.com' and what happens in Thai community in Korea. Do you have any language problem in you family, like bringing up children bilingually in your 'minority' language?

Thanks in advance...

--Nomota, 2007-01-08.

Posted by nomota multilingual

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