Jinho Kaj mi - 2007

Saluton! Ĵino kaj Nomota.

My son, Jinho, is now 3 years old. I'd like to share my experience as a father of a bilingual boy, why and how I became a bilingual father and how I'm trying to keep going on.

Just like all the other Korean people, I myself was from a very uni-lingual environment and I was always interested in foreign languages and foreign cultures. That's why I decided to be a father of a bilingual child.

'Bilingual' in Korea means almost always a 'Korean-English' one. But for my case, English is not the language of choice. I choosed Esperanto instead, because I love to speak in Esperanto. I love to meet Esperantists around the world.

Thanks for visiting my first Multilngual Families blog.
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