Simplest way to type Vietnamese accented letters is to install 'UniKey' on your PC. (Windows input methods are equipped with Vietnamese language, but that isn't very widely used.) Seems to me, UniKey is the de facto norm. (UniKey download: )

There are two different modes -- TELEX and VNI.  I prefer TELEX, because that allows me to use numeric keys simultaneously. With a very default install, you're using TELEX. Here's simple rule of TELEX.

Letters with accents. These are quite straight forward. Simply doulbe the letters or use 'w'.

ee -> ê (a with circumflex)
aa -> â (a with circumflex)
dd -> đ (d with strikes)
w -> ư (u with upper right tail) there's no 'w' in vietnamese.
uw -> ư (u with upper right tail)
ow -> ơ (o with upper right tail)
aw -> ă (a with reverse, round circumflex)

Less used letters {x,f,r,s,j} are chosen to mark the 5 tone symbols.

j -> ẹ (vowels with lower dot)
r -> ẻ (vowels with upper simbol similar to question mark)
x -> ẽ (vowels with upper tilde simbol)
s -> é (vowels with ascending accent)
f -> è (vowels with falling/descending accent)

These two kinds of accent symbols combine (all of them are vowels) ... { j, r, x, s, f}

eej -> ệ (ê [ee] + j [lower dot])
aas -> ấ (â [aa] + s [ascending accent])
uwr -> ử (ư [uw] + r [question mark on top])
awf -> ằ (ă [aw] + f [falling accent])
ix -> ĩ (i + x [tilde on top])

Language changes are done by 'Control + Shift' - Tray icon changes, 'E' toggled with 'V'.

It's very simple. I love it.

※ For your information, VNI system uses '1,2,3,4,5' for tones, and '6,7,8,9' for accents. Slightly more difficult at first - like this, 'a6' for 'â' and additional '1' for 'ấ' <-- type a61.

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